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Worship and MusicDavid Livie

Worship is not a programme or a method. Worship is not about creating an atmosphere or following a well-worn traditional path. Worship is the genuine spiritual response to the Saviour expressing itself in our actions and words, in our meditations and our songs.

In 2018 we have continued to explore reality of Biblical worship through our studies, teaching and leading of worship for the church. Our objective always is to see true worship that is pleasing to the Lord in all our services. Aware that we live in an entertainment driven culture we are always re-evaluating the approach of the music teams to keep the focus on the Lord Jesus alone.

The introduction of quarterly combined services has served to keep the local body united in worship and give families opportunity to worship together. There is still much for us to learn in this area and we will be looking to build on that in the coming year.

In terms of equipment the Chapel has been blessed to be able to purchase a digital piano from Neal Robertson after our old faithful failed. Early this year we also were blessed with a very good set of electronic drums. For both of these we are grateful to the Lord.

My personal thanks to all those dedicated to the music ministry in both the services and in the Sunday School. We have a number of musicians that are tremendously faithful to their work for which we are thankful to the Lord.

Likewise those who handle the sound set up and those responsible for running the projector in the main hall. Your ministry is greatly used of the Lord and we thank you for your faithfulness.

Goals for 2018:

  • The Sunday School musicians will be integrated with the rest of the musicians to get rotation on both sides.
  • We are looking at having regular times of worship and fellowship as a church body outside of the usual worship times.

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