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Missions CommitteeWayne Sinclair



1. To enable Weltevreden Chapel to achieve a clear sense of direction of the fulfilment of Matthew 28:19-20.

2. To administer moneys allocated to Missions in the most efficient way.

3. To create and maintain an awareness of Missions before the chapel in every possible way. e.g. :

  • Give up-to-date news reports.
  • Missions Newspapers; reading missionary books; world maps and charts.
  • Development and maintenance of prayer cells.
  • Mission-orientated evenings, films, slide shows and talks.
  • Missions conferences.

4. To propose goals for the Chapel to ensure the smooth and continual forward direction of the Chapel in the area of Missions.



1. To educate the Chapel in the field of World Missions.

2. To promote the involvement of the Chapel in world missions through prayer, awareness of existing world needs, the support of individual missionaries; and help to provide opportunities for service, both on short and long term bases.

3. To educate the congregation in the area of missionary giving, in order to send and support those who respond to the Holy Spirit in His call.

4. To screen potential missionary candidates seeking financial support and make recommendations to the Chapel's leadership team concerning the church involvement in their support.

5. To plan and organise the annual Missions Conference and other missionary meetings during the year.

6. To regularly pray for Missions, and to promote Concerts of Prayer to involve the church in praying for Missions.

7. To keep in contact with missionaries on the field.

8. Each member should endeavour to attend all meetings of the Missions Committee.

9. To regularly report to the overseeing elder and Leadership Team on the activities of the Committee

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