Chauke house is growing

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Chauke home in a messThe Chauke's house is growing. We give honour and glory to God. They are busy adding an extra room. Building operations are in progress. Their home and property is very small, so rubble and building material is laying all over the place. Just take a look at the gallery here. Unfortunately, they are not able to complete the room since no further funds are available.

They have a 2-bedroomed house, with 1 young son, 1 teenage son (Gift) and 1 teenage daughter (Sarah). Gift and Sarah share a bed in one of the rooms. This is not a healthy situation.

God has provided fundsto add an additional room. The new room is now 80% complete.

We also praise God who has provided two double bunk beds via gracious Chapel members. Both bunk beds were delivered to the Chauke's on Monday 16 June 2014. Unfortunately, two of the bed boards were too big too fit into the church Kombi. These will be delivered as soon as suitable transport becomes available.

The Chauke's express their thanks to Weltevreden Chapel for their generosity.

A gallery of the visit can be viewed here.

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