29. November, 2012 Comments Off on Sunday School (Children’s Chapel)

Jacques De Villiers

Sunday-School numbers fluctuate from week to week, but we commonly have between 30 and 35 children per week including the crèche

During 2012 we had 7 teachers and 1 helper in the Sunday-School and a number of helpers (at least 5) on a rotation system in the crèche. Since the start of 2013 we have one more helper for the Primary Boys.

Four people were regularly involved with the Sunday-School music ministry and about 8 people volunteered as caretaker teachers during school holidays in 2012.

All in all then about we had 25 people involved in Sunday School during 2012

We are still using the Evangeli material

The biggest challenge remains irregular attendance. It was highly disappointed to see that children, who normally attended, did not do so during combined services. Parents must be encourage to bring their children to Sunday-School regularly and to attend as a family, when we have combined services

We continue to support the SANSSA events and participated in the Gala, the Fun-Olympics and the Bible Quiz in 2012 and the Gala in 2013. Our children’s performance in the quiz was especially heartening and the senior team came second in the regional final; the highest finish for a West Rand church the past 17 years.

2013 Goals
We plan to get more people involved in the Sunday-School music ministry and it is foreseen that different teams will lead us in this on a rotation system.

We hope for a more consistent attendance pattern in 2013

We have taken a decision as an eldership to extend the SANNSA Go-Teaching program to our parents and run this popular 4 hour workshop on Christian Education once this year at The Chapel in the hope that many of our mothers (and fathers) will attend and take up the biblical responsibility of teaching their children God’s word.

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